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I have a 2.1 BA (Hons) degree in Politics and History, and I am also a highly-motivated mature MA Journalism and NCTJ student at the University of Sunderland. I have 20 years of work experience and a full UK Driving Licence. 

I have a special interest in political journalism and have a proven track record in the reporting of original content. I have interviewed many prominent politicians such as Labour Party leader Sir Keir Starmer, Nigel Farage, Emma Lewell-Buck MP and Mark Francois MP. I have experience in writing news reports and features, and excel when working to deadlines. 

Based in Newcastle Upon Tyne England.

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Keir Starmer accuses Government of ‘hypocrisy’ over ministers tax...

Sir Keir Starmer has accused government ministers of ‘hypocrisy’ amidst a political scandal over minister’s personal tax affairs. Government ministers such as Chancellor Rishi Sunak and Health Secretary Sajid Javid have come under scrutiny over their tax arrangements. On a visit to Sunderland, Starmer said: “It’s hypocrisy to say, to so many people in Sunderland that we have no alternative other than to put your tax up in the middle of the cost of living crisis, with prices through the roof an

Tyne Tunnel system errors continue as revenue from ‘Unpaid Toll...

North East campaigners are concerned at the continued system errors being experienced by drivers, while tunnel operator TT2 sees increased revenue from ‘Unpaid Toll Charge Notices’. Motorists in the region are still experiencing issues with both the ANPR systems being used at the tunnel and the signage being displayed. The campaign says this is a situation that must be resolved swiftly, as those issues are leading to incorrect and unethical penalties being incurred – by drivers. Tyne Tunnel C

Conservatives pledge to cut council tax by £1 million ahead of...

The Conservative Party has launched its local election manifesto at the Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens ahead of the local elections in May. One of the pledges made by the party is to cut council tax by £1 million for the residents of Sunderland. Leader of Sunderland Conservatives Coun Antony Mullen said: “This is a once in a generation election it is the first time in 50 years that there is a real chance that Labour could lose control of the council. If you vote Conservative and there is

Wes Streeting criticises government over NHS waiting lists

Shadow Health and Social Care Secretary Wes Streeting has criticised the government for its mismanagement of the NHS during a visit to Sunderland. Currently over 40,000 residents in Sunderland and South Tyneside are on NHS waiting lists, with more than 18% waiting more than 18 weeks for treatment. Streeting said: “The Conservatives promised to ‘level up’ across the country, but many patients in Sunderland and the North East are waiting longer for care often in pain and discomfort. “The last L

50-car slow convoy protest against South Shields driving test centre switch

The driving test centre in South Tyneside is scheduled to close on April 10 and after this learners will be expected to take tests in Sunderland. Driving instructors hope that the convoy will have raised awareness among the public of the impending closure, and the negative impact that this will have. Lindsay Gallant, a driving instructor and campaigner said: “Today we’ve done a convoy from Sunderland to South Shields test centre, just in the hope of getting noticed because believe it or not th

South Shields up in arms over plans to close driving test centre

Campaigners have taken to the streets of South Shields to protest at the proposed closure of the driving test centre by the DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency). The test centre in South Tyneside is due to close in April and campaigners say this will have a negative impact on both learners and instructors. Vikki Holt, a driving instructor and lead campaigner said: “We are in South Shields today to try and gain further support and spread awareness that the DVSA are trying to close the tes

Keir Starmer Accuses Boris Johnson Of Breaching Contract With The...

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer criticised Prime Minister Boris Johnson for breaking his contract with the British people during a visit to Sunderland. Labour argue that the Prime Minister and his administration do one thing and say another, and that his rule breaking and Partygate controversy prove that. Starmer said: “The Prime Minister has breached his contract with the British people, because he made laws that they all complied with at great cost to themselves and the Prime Minister broke t

Keir Starmer visits Sunderland and Pledges to Tackle Crime

Labour Party leader Sir Keir Starmer has criticized Boris Johnson and his government’s record on crime, whilst promising to tackle crime head-on under Labour. The party are pledging to invest in innovative projects to tackle the root causes of crime, that can lead youngsters to commit offences. The Labour Party leader paid a visit to the Foundation of Light charity, to observe the hard work carried out by the charity to lower crime. Mr. Starmer spent time talking to the youngsters participati

Newcastle Charity ‘Building Futures East’ Empowering The Community...

A Newcastle charity is on a mission to empower residents in the community and improve their life chances. Building Futures East is providing crucial support to help those in need improve their self-esteem, confidence and skills. The organisation prides itself on taking a holistic approach to helping people, providing long term solutions rather than short term remedies. Anthony Woods-Waters, CEO of Building Futures East, said: “Our whole focus is about improving the quality of life for people

South Shields Fundraising Legend Colin “Big Pink Dress” Ready To...

Fundraising legend Colin Burgin-Plews is ready to take on new challenges once again after some difficult personal and health challenges. In the last eighteen month’s Colin has coped bravely with losing his mother to cancer, and the death of a cousin. Despite the heartache, he is now looking positively towards next year and is thankful to the people that have supported him. Burgin-Plews, 53, said: “I lost my mam, my cousin and nine friends during the pandemic which has been a bit of a strain o

Faith Walk celebrates Sunderland’s Multicultural Heritage with...

The people of Sunderland came together as a community to embark on a trip around the city’s places of worship in the name of peace. The aim of the walk was to bring people together from all faiths, and to learn and better understand different customs and religious beliefs. The walk, which started at the Sunderland Minster made its way across the city to the Sikh Gurdwara Temple, where visitors received a warm welcome and traditional food. Mrs Kalvender Kaur Purewal, a committee member of the

North Shields Fishermen Heritage Project Campaigning To Preserve...

A campaign in North Shields is gaining momentum in its pursuit of raising £55,000 for a Herring Girl statue. The North East Fishermen’s Project is aiming to preserve the history and heritage of the area, and the latest campaign is part of that effort. The Herring Girls often worked long days in difficult conditions and played their part not only in the fishing industry, but also in supporting their families. Project chairman Terry McDermott said: “The project started in 2015 and has went from

Farage clashes with Sunderland business leaders over Brexit impact

Nigel Farage has clashed with business leaders over the impact of Brexit by questioning the credibility of figures from the North East Chamber of Commerce. The NEC figures which are supported by the U.K. Government’s own data showed that 75% of local businesses were negatively affected. The North East Chamber of Commerce currently supports over 3,000 North East businesses, but despite this Farage was quick to dismiss their numbers. Farage said: “Of course these are all treasury numbers fed th

Kay Greyson brings A-Game to Sunderland’s Waves festival

Local artist Kay Greyson believes she is on the verge of something special, as her performance went down a storm at the new Waves festival. The set kicked off with a performance of Greyson’s 2020 track Paris, in which she delivered an energetic rendition and demonstrated a superb vocal adeptness. Afterwards, the local Hip-Hop artist spoke about the growing confidence she has in her writing and performing. Kay Greyson, Musical Artist, said: “I have become much more confident and, I now have th

North Shields Fishermen Heritage project to recognise women in the...

A campaign has been launched to raise £55,000 for a life-size sculpture to commemorate the role of women in the fishing industry. The Herring Girls worked tirelessly to gut, salt, and pack all of the fish caught by local fishermen in North Shields despite difficult working conditions. A non-profit organisation, North Shields Fishermen’s Heritage Project, is appealing for as many donations as possible to create a sculpture in the Herring Girls’ memory. Project chairman Terry McDermott said: “W

Sir Keir Starmer tackles doubters as he moves Labour towards the...

Sir Keir Starmer firmly planted his flag in the sand to move the party back towards the centre-ground at the 2021 Labour party conference in Brighton. In the run-up to this years party conference, the party leader came under severe criticism from both the far left and trade unions for attempting to enact widespread rule changes within the party. Some conference members heckled the leader and displayed signs saying “stop the purge.” Despite Starmer attempting to move the party further towards t

US ELECTION 2020: Florida too close to call in an election of rising drama

Search ‘US Election 2020’ to see all our coverage SR News political pundit Keith Bays takes a look at the voting in Florida – a pivotal state at a pivotal moment on election night. IN A dramatic night of numbers, nowhere has the race been more dramatic than in Florida – the state which has voted for the winner in all but two of the elections since 1924, and every single one since 1996. As 1am ticked past, the ‘sunshine state’ count was showing Trump ahead by less than 65,000 votes with almost

US ELECTION 2020: pollster says three states could hold the key for Trump

University of Sunderland third-year Politics student Keith Bays discusses polling predictions as the first states were set to close their polling stations. AMERICA’S leading pollster Nate Silver, head pollster for the 538 polling organisation, has predicted that three states may point a way to victory for Donald Trump. He said: “If Trump wins the three states of Florida, Georgia and North Carolina, then the election becomes a 50-50 race”. During the early part of election evening, the majorit

US ELECTION 2020: What happens if it's a tie ?

Search ‘US Election 2020’ to see all our coverage In the run-up to the US Presidential election – now under way – our student reporting team aims to explore, explain, enlighten and even entertain you on the race for the White House. THE speculation in the run-up to today’s momentous American vote has always been that either Trump or Biden will win outright – however long the final result takes to become clear and whether or not lawyers are involved. But there is another possible outcome …. U

Boris Johnson claims “Brexit deal will be done before you have your turkey and sprouts” in visit to Washington

Prime Minister Boris Johnson visited the Ferguson transport factory in Washington on Monday to appeal to voters to support him in Thursday’s general election. The Prime Minister was also joined on the stump by former Labour MP for Birmingham Edgbaston Gisela Stuart, who said: “To vote Labour is a family tradition in the North East, but I encourage all of my Labour colleagues to vote for Boris Johnson on Thursday, to get Brexit done and bring this country back together.” The Prime Minister deli
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